Along the divine horizon of the Mediterranean, BIANCHI Sidi Abdel Rahman is one of the fastest growing real-estate developments in the North Coast of Egypt providing clients with a distinguished integrated community; a unique project that aims to define the true meaning of an exclusive and selective standard of lifestyle. The resort, hotel and spa are planned to provide guests with an authentic experience of ultimate comfort. The resort is exquisitely designed to offer an elegant mix of styles and residential options, including villas, chalets and studios. With only 300 units and more than 80% of the project dedicated to greenery the resort is planned to have a unique balance of nature and architecture that allows for a truly relaxed horizon and an intimate community.


The resort was opened before the last summer of 2011, providing 300 meticulously designed units inspired by elegance and simplicity, along with a 500 m shoreline, providing unmatched personal space. The Residential choices include a variety of Villas, Chalets and Apartments, with different designs and size which begin from 100 m to 1000 m.The resort provides parking spaces for each unit, security 24/7 and landscape and green areas 80%.


The BIANCHI Philosophy provides guests with the ultimate sea-side retreat as a getaway that reflects the true essence of BIANCHI combining luxurious summer days with exciting night escapes.
Combining sophisticated residential designs with harmonious landscaping. Merging the old with the new to create the ultimate in comfort, style, elegance and intimacy; providing only the highest quality in accommodation, facilities, services and security.
As a full-service gated community with only 300 units, the BIANCHI community is comprised of a selected few who can enjoy the new essence of the Bianchi lifestyle.
The BIANCHI philosophy revolves around an exclusive community, as opposed to other real-estate developments where the sheer number of units creates an astounding population which certainly might appeal to some people, but to the distinct BIANCHI clientele, such a population is insecure, impersonal, overwhelming and just too crowded.
The BIANCHI socialite and community member is one who appreciates good company, sincere relations and secure neighborhoods. Therefore it is our mission and vision to create, not only the ultimate vacation destination with elegant designs and unique entertainment, but also to create the ultimate community, where membership is both a privilege and a pleasure.


BIANCHI Sidi Abdel Rahman was created out of inspiration from a well-known area and long-lost legend of the old Bianchi Beach of the Mediterranean. Today, BIANCHI is being rejuvenated, recreated and rebuilt to meet the needs of this generation and reignite the memories of the past generations. Therefore, created out of pure inspiration BIANCHI is dedicated to inspiring all its guests with the ultimate in sea-side living, providing elegance, comfort and security amongst a selected community. While in tune with the true BIANCHI spirit, all family members will have a special attraction to suit their needs including the most unique entertainment catered to suit the styles and trends of every generation.


We are committed to providing an exceptional sea-side destination with a distinguished community and a breath-taking environment. The Bianchi concept revolves around building a genuine community spirit with a relaxing and harmonious ambience, in the midst of unique architecture, vivid landscapes and divine horizons.


BIANCHI is dedicated to delivering exceptional value for our customers by following a coherent strategy:

  • Working in partnership with the best in the entertainment and catering fields.
  • Investing in the most proficient people, equipment and technologies.
  • Maintaining our commitment to quality, safety, security and productivity.
  • Maintaining our commitment to protecting the environment and building constructions and landscaping that works in harmony with nature.
  • Adhering to the fixed schedules and timeframes, providing our clients with prompt deliveries.
  • Maintaining quality control by applying a selective concept with our clients to ensure the high standard of the overall community.
  • Providing a truly unique gated community that allows its guests to experience an exceptional sense of belonging and a genuine vacation.
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